TS Entertainment Director Park Sang Hyun To Press Charges Against TRCNG’s Wooyeop And Taeseon

TS Entertainment director Park Sang Hyun reveals his side of the story.

With the recent news of TRCNG’s Wooyeop and Taeseon, TS Entertainment director Park Sang Hyun has come forward with his side to the story.




On November 18, Park claimed that the two members’ charges against the company are all false.

The claims made by Wooyeop and Taeseon are all false. The remaining eight members of the group are currently promoting in Japan. There is a reason for that. I cannot disclose details, but there is a problem regarding the two members.




He also added that they would be suing the two members for defamation.

The two members have left the team without permission. There is a case involving the other members, and they are all feeling betrayed by these two members. TS will also sue Wooyeop and Taeseon for defamation. It seems it will be challenging to keep the group together.”





Recently, Wooyeop and Taeseon sued TS Entertainment for child abuse, assault, and extortion and filed a complaint to the Seoul Police Station earlier this month.

Source: ytn