TS Entertainment Reveals SONAMOO’s Nahyun And Sumin Ghosted The Group

They blame the two members.

TS Entertainment has revealed their statement after it was revealed yesterday that SONAMOO’s Nahyun and Sumin were filing for termination of their contracts.

TS Entertainment has put the fault on the two SONAMOO members who have decided to leave the group’s activities without any notice.

Hello, this is TS Entertainment.

Here is our official statement about SONAMOO.

Back in August, Nahyun and Sumin filed a lawsuit to terminate their contracts.

Earlier this year, they sent us a Certification of Contents related to their contract termination. They were practicing without any issues even the day before the Certification of Contents. After it arrived, they cut contact with everyone, even with the other 5 members.

Their unexpected actions seriously affected the rest of the members, who wished to keep the group going. Their actions hurt the group’s promotions, album release, schedules, and events.

After in-depth discussions with the rest of the members, and their parents, we decided that SONAMOO will continue as 5 members.

We will also be taking legal action against the two members that caused the issues with their unilateral decision.

We apologize for causing concern to everyone who loves our artists, and we will give our full support so the remaining SONAMOO members can continue their promotions.

Thank you.

— TS Entertainment


Source: Osen