(★BREAKING) TST Member Kyeongha Guilty Of Sexual Harassment, Sentenced To 18 Months In Prison

TST (TOPSECRET)’s Lee Kyeongha was found guilty of the charges.

TST (TOPSECRET)’s Lee Kyeongha has been found guilty for violating the law on the protection of child and adolescent sexuality (forced extortion). He was sentenced to 18 months in prison, 3 years probation, and 40 hours of sexual abuse classes.

Back in December 2014, a woman accused Kyeongha of sexually harassment. After a long investigation and appeal, he was found guilty. Investigations confirmed that Kyeongha and the woman were walking together in Seoul, when she felt he was sexually harassing her. She ran away from him, but Kyeongha followed her to the 1st floor of a building where he forcefully molested her.

He was reported to have immediately acknowledged and apologized for the event at the time; however, he seemed to have changed his attitude toward the incident after debuting as an idol. When the woman first accused him through a Facebook post, Kyeongha’s agency announced that the claims were false. The woman soon sued them back in April 2017.

Kyeongha and his agency rejected the first ruling and submitted an appeal to the court on April 29. An agency representative said, “We have appealed because the charges are still denied and we plan to continue our activities.”

Kyeongha has recently been promoting with his TST members for their recently released single album, titled “LOVE STORY”.

Source: Asia Kyungjae