Turbo comeback album plans unsure; Kim Jong Kook to release new album

With the recent success and popularity of Infinite Challenge’s “TOTOGA” episode, rumors began to go around, whispering of Turbo’s comeback this April. However, this rumor has been dispelled.

Representatives of singer Kim Jong Kook, Urban Works, shared on January 29th that they have heard no news about a new Turbo album. “We have no idea about a new Turbo album. Currently, Kim Jong Kook is preparing a new solo album to celebrate his 20th debut anniversary. It seems as though we will have to meet with Kim Jong Kook tonight to discuss the situation.”

It was recently reported by several Korean media portals that Turbo would be returning in April with a new album to celebrate their 20th year since debut, and would return as a trio with Kim Jong Kook, Kim Jung Nam, and Mikey with Duble Sidekick as producers.

Turbo debuted in 1995 with 280km/h Speed with the original members Kim Jong Kook and Kim Jung Nam. In 1997, following Kim Jung Nam’s leave — later joining male group SNAP in 1999 — Kim Jong Kook regrouped as Turbo with his new partner Mikey, until their eventual disbandment in 2000.

With the recent boost of popularity following Infinite Challenge’s “TOTOGA,” which invited back the hottest 90s singers such as Jinusean, Turbo, Uhm Jung Hwa, and S.E.S, Turbo was able to continue activities briefly on television, with Kim Jong Kook and Kim Jung Nam recently appearing on an episode of Healing Camp.

Source: X Sports News