If You Thought “Turning Red” Boy Band 4*TOWN’s “Nobody Like U” Sounded Familiar, Here’s What OG K-Pop Song It Actually Sounds Like

We can’t unhear it!

If you can’t get 4*TOWN‘s “Nobody Like U” out of your head, don’t worry, you’re not alone.


The fictional boy band 4*TOWN has captured our hearts just as it did the iconic friend group of Turning Red.

| Disney & Pixar

Turning Red is Disney-Pixar‘s latest movie. It follows Meilin “Mei” Lee, a 13-year-old Chinese Candian who goes through puberty in 2002. She experiences “the change” a bit differently from the average girl. When she gets stressed or experiences high emotions, she turns into a giant (but adorable) red panda.

“Turning Red” poster.

In Turning Red, like most of us, Mei and her friends are obsessed with a boy band. During the time period in which the film is set, the Backstreet Boys*NSYNC, and O-Town were the hottest groups. The fictional boy band seen in the film, 4*TOWN, obviously takes inspiration from these.

Director Domee Shi has also revealed that her own favorite K-Pop groups inspired 4*TOWN as well. Additionally, ARMYs have spotted many similarities between BTS‘s Jimin and the fictional band’s youngest member, Tae Young.

Now, netizens have found yet another similarity between 4*TOWN and a legit K-Pop group. If you’ve been wondering why “Nobody Like U” sounded so familiar, we’re here to put your mind to rest.

The song seems to be inspired by not just the previously mentioned boy bands but also Super Junior, specifically their 2006 hit “U.”

Chinese TikToker Jennifer Ruan came to the discovery and shared it with their followers. The video has gone viral in just a day with 377.5K views.



♬ Nobody Like U – From “Turning Red”/Chorus – 4*TOWN (From Disney and Pixar’s Turning Red)

Netizens were shook, but it honestly makes so much sense, and we can’t unhear it now.

| @jenniferruan/TikTok

It also seems highly probable that the song was truly inspired by Super Junior, considering Director Domee Shi is a fan of 2nd Gen K-Pop groups. Read more below:

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