“Turning Red” Director Confirms BTS Inspired Tae Young

Fans had been right all along.

As soon as BTS fans saw the boy group from Disney and Pixar‘s Turning Red movie, they couldn’t help thinking one of the characters was inspired by Jimin.

Between the heart pose, the blond hair, and adorable features, fans were convinced the character Tae Young was based on Jimin.

Although director Domee Shi named 2PM and BIGBANG as the inspiration for 4*Town as a whole, she recently confirmed that BTS helped shape the characters as well.


During a promotional interview for the movie, Domee Shi confirmed all the theories by saying Tae Young was a reference to BTS.

We definitely have a shoutout to K-Pop boy bands, to BTS with Tae Young in the movie.

— Domee Shi

Even in the form of an animated character, ARMYs couldn’t miss the resemblance to Jimin or any reference to BTS.

BTS | @bts_bighit/Twitter

Check out Domee Shi confirming that fans had been right all along.