TV Chosun is Preparing A New Show Where Ordinary People Date Celebrities

The show will observe the celebrity-citizen couple(s) for 100 days!

Reality dating shows, like Heart Signal and Romance Package, are trendy in Korea. With blind date shows and matchmaking shows on the rise, TV Chosun channel’s next in line could become the most controversial.

One of Korea’s many dating shows, “Love City”


A broadcasting official confirmed TV Chosun channel to be putting together a dating show on which Korean celebrities will date their ideal type non-celebrities for a hundred days.


While most dating shows on Korean TV channels have been for non-celebrities, TV Chosun’s new show will bring celebrities and citizens together. The show will capture the ups and downs of such unusual relationships up close.

Season 1 of the popular dating show “Heart Signal”


The program is scheduled to premiere by the end of August. It is already in production, though not a lot of details have been shared with the public just yet. Viewers can’t wait to find out which celebrities will star on the show!

Stars who have previously been on “We Got Married”
Source: Asia E