TV Personality Kian84 Is Full Of Doubts After Hearing What A K-Pop Idol’s “Ideal Type” Is

He doubts she is telling the truth.

Singer and actress Jo Yuri‘s recent remarks about her ideal type left webtoon artist and TV personality Kian84 with doubts.

Jo Yuri | @zo__glasss/Instagram

On August 18, Jo Yuri appeared as a guest on Kian84’s YouTube channel, Life84.


When asked about her ideal type, Jo Yuri shared what she prioritized.

I don’t have a specific type. I just want them to be responsible and dedicated to what they do.

— Jo Yuri

| Life84/YouTube

Hearing this, Kian84 said that was too generic of an answer and pressed for a more specific answer, asking what kind of physical appearances she likes; Jo Yuri admitted that looks are not that important to her.

I really don’t care about looks. I just look at how much I can learn from them.

— Jo Yuri


Then Kian84 had a hilarious reaction to her answer. He teased her that other beautiful Korean celebrities gave the same answer before marrying husbands with handsome visuals.

Lee Na Young said the same thing and then got married to Won Bin. Ko So Young said that and then got married to Jang Dong Gun. If you keep saying that, you ight marry someone like Won Bin in the future.

— Kian84

Kian84 was referring to some of the top visual celebrity couples in K-Entertainment. First, actors Lee Na Young and Won Bin are a couple who are individually known for their visuals, who made headlines when it was revealed that the two were a couple. The two top stars got married in 2015.

Actress Lee Na Young | Elle Korea
Actor Won Bin | Elle Korea
| Yonhap News

The other couple Kian84 mentioned was Ko So Young and Jang Dong, also considered top actors in Korea. Their marriage became a hot issue when they got married in 2010 as they are beloved actors in Korea.

Actress Ko So Young | Bvlgari
Actor Jang Dong Gun | MAURICE LACROIX
| AM Entertainment

To Kian84’s joking response, Jo Yuri humorously replied that she really doesn’t “focus on looks like that.”

Recently Jo Yuri was cast in Netflix‘s Squid Game 2 and made a comeback on August 9 with her second mini-a, album LOVE ALL.

Source: Life84/YouTube and Wikitree