tvN To Launch New Girl Group Survival Program

They are looking for currently active idols.

tvN will be launching a new vocal-based girl group survival program called V-1. The title means “Number 1 in Vocal”, with V standing for “vocal”.

The aim of the program is to debut contestants with the best vocals, with the contestants being current active girl group idols.

They are currently recruiting 50 contestants and only accepts already debuted idols. 50 girl group members will be selected for preliminary screenings and the final members of the show will be chosen based on judges evaluations.

Kwon Kwan Tae, the director of the show, stated that girl groups nowadays only seem focused on visuals rather their vocal ability, and aims to debut a girl group that can be known for both.

V1 will be broadcast with a special Chuseok pilot.

Source: Naver