Here’s Everything We Know About TVXQ!’s 15th Anniversary Album

The Emperors of K-Pop are coming back!

The Emperors of K-Pop, TVXQ, will be celebrating their 15th anniversary on December 26th!  They are releasing a special album entitled “New Chapter #2: The Truth of Love” on the 26th in honor of the big day.


This is a follow up to their album “New Chapter #1: The Chance of Love” which was their first Korean release after returning from their military service.


The album will have 7 tracks including title song “Truth” which has R&B pop song with a jazz foundation. The lyrics are about finding that one true love after being stepped on by the pain of parting.

Max Changmin will also have a solo song called “Beautiful Stranger” which will be a pop ballad with a band sound. He also participated in writing the lyrics for this track!


“Jelly Love”, a song about two lovers who are having fun expressing their love for each other secretly also features Changmin as a lyricist.


It has also been revealed that NCT‘s Taeyong will be featured on U-Know Yunho’s solo track “City Lights”.


The song will be filled with the feelings of someone who can’t fall asleep because of someone who has stirred their heart and become their obsession.


SM Entertainment also released these stunning “clues” to get fans even more hyped for the upcoming release.

Source: Sports Donga and OSEN (1) and (2)