Netizens Claim TVXQ’s Changmin Lost His Rookie Mindset, Here’s Why

TVXQ!’s performance at the 2018 MBC Gayo Daejejeon has become an hot topic amongst netizens.

TVXQ performed “Mirotic”, “The Chance of Love” and their newest song “Truth”. During “Mirotic”, Max Changmin hit his iconic high note without a hint of struggle and even smiled at the end.


After seeing this, netizens claimed that Changmin had lost his rookie mindset. When he first performed “Mirotic” back in 2008, he was actually known for acting as though hitting the high note was difficult for him.


One video of him rehearsing actually shows easily hitting the note during rehearsal and then pretending like the note is difficult afterwards. At first, people thought he was practicing how to lip sync.


But with the actual concert footage, we saw the impact of Changmin’s effort to act like the high note was extremely difficult for him to sing.


During the MBC Gayo Daejejeon broadcast, several fans realized that he no longer acts like high notes are tough for him anymore!

  • “Ah Max Changmin is so experienced now he doesn’t even pretend high notes are hard kekekekekekekeke”
  • “As he stepped down the stairs as comfortably as possible while grabbing those high notes, Max Changmin also stepped on my heart.”
  • “Max Changmin, in old rehearsals he would hit the high notes with no expression on his face and then act like it was so difficult on stage but now he doesn’t even pretend anymore kekekeke”
  • “Max Changmin kekekekekeke He really just sing high notes with ease, while laughing kekekekekekekeke”


Others were simply in shock by his high note performance, and several TVXQ! related trends started trending in Korea on Twitter after their stage.


TVXQ! reminded everyone that they are the emperors of K-pop with this performance. Check it out here!

Source: Dispatch


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