TVXQ Changmin Reveals He Was Super Ashamed Of Yunho When He Did This On Stage

During an episode of JTBC’s variety show Knowing Bros, TVXQ’s Changmin revealed the moment in their career he felt most embarrassed by Yunho.

During the “Guess About Me” segment of the show, Changmin asked “When do you think I was most ashamed of Yunho?“, causing Yunho to wrack his brain for the answer.

It was revealed that the moment Changmin was most embarrassed by Yunho was when he yelled “HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHANGMIN-AH!!!!!!!!!!!” on stage during their performance.

Yunho was so passionate, so loud, and so expressive that Changmin felt second-hand embarrassment.

“I knew you were gonna do something because when you were facing the back of the stage your face was so focused and in deep thought. I knew the moment you turned toward the camera you were gonna do something. I was so embarrassed!”

TVXQ’s Changmin

All the cast of Knowing Bros laughed at Yunho’s passionate way of expressing his love for his brother and even asked Yunho for an encore.

Check out the actual video of when this happened on stage (Yunho yells happy birthday around 13 seconds in):