TVXQ Makes All Of Japan Lose Their Minds With Their Visuals At Japanese Award Show

TVXQ! appeared at the Fuji Network System (FNS) Music Festival and stole all the Japanese fans’ hearts with their stunning visuals.



The FNS Music Festival is one of the biggest annual music festivals in Japan and it has been taking place since 1974.

TVXQ! appeared at the Japanese music festival for the first time after their long break due to their enlistment, and Japanese fans have been waiting for a long time for this moment.

They appeared on stage with other Japanese artists like Arashi, Kanjani Eight, and Yamashita Tomohisa, all of whom shone brightly in this year’s J-Pop scene.

TVXQ! members definitely stood out among other artists with their height and their luxurious velvet outfits.

They revealed their new song “Reboot” for the first time with their flawless performance and visuals.

Changmin and Yunho’s superior visuals definitely brought the house down that night.

Check out TVXQ!’s “Reboot” stage at the FNS Music Festival below: