TVXQ ranks #1 in sales for an international artist in Japan

Hallyu duo TVXQ has set a new record on Japan’s Oricon music charts! According to SM Entertainment on November 11th, TVXQ’s Japanese single, Time Works Wonders, has sold more copies than any other international artist in Japan!

The single earned the #2 position on Oricon’s Weekly Single Chart with approximately 107,000 copies sold within just one week of the release. Following the initial sales boom, TVXQ sold approximately 4,088,000 singles in total. With this amazing figure, TVXQ established a new sales record for international artists, surpassing the previous record set by Hong Kong singer Agnes, who had sold 4,001,000 albums.

In the past, TVXQ sold 3,104,000 copies of their hit Japanese single ANDROID, released in July of 2012. Due to the consistently astonishing the sales figures, TVXQ also holds the records for the most chart entries as well as the most #1-ranked songs on Oricon’s Weekly Single Chart as an international artist.

TVXQ commented on the news, “We are incredibly happy and thankful for our new record-breaking numbers. We would not have achieved such feats if it was not for our fans. We want to sing more thoughtfully for every single song in the future.

Meanwhile, TVXQ is scheduled to be hold a concert on December 6th and 7th at Olympic Park Gymnastic Stadium.

Source: Newsis