TVXQ’s Uknow Yunho Reveals When He Plans To Retire From The Entertainment Industry

He wants to perform until this age.

TVXQ‘s Uknow Yunho held his solo debut showcase for “True Colors”. There, he revealed the future plans for his solo debut as well as his retirement plans.


Uknow Yunho aims to be active in the industry at least up to when he’s 51-years-old! He set his goal to that age limit in order to beat his long-time-idol, Michael Jackson.

I’ve always admired Michael Jackson. He was active until exactly 50 years old. I think I’ll only believe that I’ve beaten him if I’m active until I’m 51.

I’ve wondered if I’ll continually be able to dance just as I’ve wanted when I first began in this industry, but I decided not to worry about it and aim to continue until I’m 51 years old.

There are so many veteran seniors who continue even to this day, so I believe I can achieve it without a problem.

— Uknow Yunho


He also confessed that through his new solo debut, he will be able to continue on in the industry with a refreshing image. He hopes to surprise his fans with different challenges each time.

Of course, I knew the timing was important in making my solo debut, but I decided to focus on the quality rather than quickening my debut. I wanted to release my album when I truly knew everything was ready, without any regard to my age.

I know it’s later than most people. I’m going back to being a rookie after 16 years since my first debut.

I don’t worry about the result but I simply hope others will look at me and think, ‘This guy continually changes by working hard. I wonder what he’ll do next.’

There are still a lot of different contents that I haven’t released yet. I could have already released it but I want to be completely ready.

— Uknow Yunho


Considering how “passionate” he is about his career, and how that word has always been associated with him for years, Yunho revealed that he feels pressured by it but believes it’ll help him improve throughout the remainder of his career!

I’m so thankful. A lot of men cheer me on. I’m very thankful to hear those kinds of words.

I do feel pressured thinking that every action that I take needs to be well thought of beforehand. But I believe that those pressures will make me a better person, and I think of it as something to enjoy.

— Uknow Yunho


Here’s to the long, successful, and continuous reign of King Yunho!


Check out his new MV for title track ‘Follow’ below:

Source: Osen