TVXQ’s Yunho Invented And Patented His Own Unique Face Mask Design

Will this be the next big thing among idols?

TVXQ‘s Uknow Yunho has invented his own design of a protective face mask. It was revealed that he trademarked the invention of a unique face mask design earlier this month.

The face mask features a center hole that can be opened and closed with a cap. The design was created so that the wearer can easily drink out of straws or eat while keeping the mask on.

The inventors and owners of the design was listed as Jung Yunho and his friend, named Noh Si Hyun. He reveled that they had been working on the design for a long time even before the global hit of the coronavirus.

I wear face masks frequently, and I wondered, ‘Is there a way to easily drink water while still keeping the mask on?’ That’s how we came up with the idea.

— Yunho

Uknow Yunho has been well known to be a fan of designing new innovations as his hobby. He had previously shown off a unique cup design that can hold capsules inside.

Although Yunho did not specify when his new face masks will launch, we may be seeing his face masks worn by his junior artists soon!