Lucky Fan Runs Into TVXQ’s Yunho Next Door To Her Grandmother’s House

“Seriously next door? Daebak.”

A lucky fan spotted TVXQ‘s Yunho in Gwangju enjoying time with his family during the Lunar New Year’s holiday and shared the moment through social media.


The fan shared the photos she took with Yunho through her Instagram, captioning it, “Suddenly TVXQ’s Yunho. I was sleeping at my grandmother’s house and Yunho’s grandmother’s house is really next door.”


In the photos, Yunho can be seen smiling brightly for his fans even during his personal holiday.


Yunho had apparently been spending some quality time with family in his hometown of Gwangju. Yunho’s sister had also shared photos of the idol playing with his niece.


With February 6 being Yunho’s birthday, fans were happy to see that he and his family were celebrating the special day and the holidays together.

  • “Glaaaad to see him celebrating his bday with his beloved fam.”
  • “I’m so happy Yunho got to spend the Lunar New Year and his birthday with his family.”
  • “Happy birthday Yunho happy time with family.”