TVXQ!’s Yunho Collaborates With Red Velvet In Dazzling New TikTok Challenge

“He got ALL of Red Velvet in ONE TikTok.”

It’s not every day that we see iconic K-Pop groups coming together to create electrifying content, but when they do, it’s nothing short of magical. And that’s precisely what K-pop fans experienced when TVXQ!‘s Yunho teamed up with Red Velvet for a sensational TikTok challenge.

| CINE21

The video was posted earlier today on TVXQ!’s official account. The challenge video featured Yunho and the enchanting members of Red Velvet pulling off a performance that no one saw coming.


While it was primarily set to Yunho’s latest solo track, “Vuja De,” the clip had an unexpected twist. The stars cleverly blended in the choreography of Red Velvet’s iconic track “Red Flavor.” Needless to say, fans were left in awe and couldn’t contain their excitement.


혼란스러운 이 Dancing🐝🫨❓ #RedVelvet #레드벨벳 #유노윤호 #UKNOW #동방신기 TVXQ! #東方神起 #VujaDe #뷰자데 #RedSun #Reality_Show #리얼리티쇼

♬ Vuja De – U-KNOW

It wasn’t just the exhilarating blend of tunes that caught everyone’s attention; the visuals were equally, if not more, captivating. Red Velvet’s Irene was the epitome of innocence, glowing in every frame. Seulgi rocked a nostalgic old-school look that’s bound to inspire fashion trends in the coming weeks.

Red Velvet was rocking the same outfits from their anniversary live. | @RVsmtown/Twitter

Wendy opted for a refreshing denim outfit, looking as radiant as ever, while Joy showcased her unique and adorable fashion sense. Not to be outdone, Yeri shone with her distinct style that screams confidence.

| Red Velvet/YouTube

Netizens flooded social media with reactions that ranged from admiration for Red Velvet’s impeccable fashion choices to excitement about Yunho’s latest track. Some comments that stood out include, “Red Velvet really dresses well,” “He got ALL of Red Velvet in ONE TikTok,” and the intriguing “My Center 3.”

For those out of the loop, the latter refers to TVXQ! and Red Velvet’s new shared production center, courtesy of SM Entertainment‘s latest strategy.

| SM Entertainment

Beyond this TikTok sensation, Yunho is making headlines on his own too. After a lengthy hiatus of 2 years and 7 months, the idol has made a much-anticipated comeback. He unveiled his second mini solo album titled Reality Show, which was released a mere two days ago. Fans are already hailing it as another masterpiece from the TVXQ! member, solidifying his status as a K-Pop stalwart.

Collaborations like these between K-Pop giants show that the industry is continuously evolving, and artists are more than willing to step out of their comfort zones. One thing is for sure: fans can look forward to more exciting collaborations and groundbreaking content in the future.