TVXQ’s Yunho Was Spotted At EXO’s Concert And Fans Are Cracking Up At His Enthusiasm

Yunho is the most eager EXO-L out there.

TVXQ‘s Yunho, well known for his gleaming enthusiasm for every aspect of life, outdid the fans in cheering for EXO members at their recent concert – and EXO-Ls are simply cracking up about it!


Yunho, along with other SM Entertainment artists like NCT, were spotted at the EXOPLANET #5 EXplOration concert in Seoul. It was a pleasant surprise for EXO-Ls when Yunho entered the audience with the EXO light stick and slogan in hand!


When EXO members acknowledge Yunho sunbae-nim’s attendance, Yunho got up and said hello to the fans. EXO-Ls were thrilled to see Yunho there, knowing how passionate he can get about things. Fans in the “Yunho Zone” tweeted about how lit AF Yunho got – and how EXO-Ls in the surrounding area couldn’t help but get lit with him.

Translation: “We’re in the Yunho Zone. We’re losing our minds, LOL.”

Translation: “We were singing along to ‘Monster’ but we weren’t really going full power. So Yunho began firing us up like, “Whoooooo! Let’s sing!” LMAO. EXO-Ls in the area are becoming Yunho-fied.”


Not too unexpectedly, Yunho did become extra eager and ended up spoiling the special slogan that the fans prepared as an event for EXO members for their encore stage. He was photographed holding up the encore slogan too many hours early.


EXO-Ls can’t stop laughing at Yunho pulling a classic Yunho. The truth is, Yunho wouldn’t be the same without his extra-extraness and EXO-Ls know and love him for it!

Translation: “Yunho just spoiled our ending slogan. LMAO.”

Translation: “Look at Yunho holding up the encore slogan way too early. Damn, that enthusiasm!”


EXO-Ls had a blast watching the concert and getting pumped up alongside Yunho, the most enthusiastic of them all. Here’s Yunho being the best EXO-L he can possibly be.

Source: THEQOO