TVXQ’s Yunho Gets Backlash From Japanese Fans For Wearing A Brand That Supports Comfort Women

They are not happy.

Recently, TVXQ was spotted in the airport heading back to Korea after their overseas schedule in Japan. There, Yunho was spotted wearing a cap from the brand Marymond, a Korean brand that has been vocal in its support for comfort women.

After people noticed the brand of the hat, Japanese fans voiced out their disappointment in the idol. People claimed he was being inconsiderate towards Japanese fans by disregarding their views on history despite how there is definite proof of comfort women in Korean. Yunho also posted a photo of him wearing the cap onto his Instagram.

Some people also claimed that it was shameful of him to do so since he is promoting their music in Japan and even hit #1 on the Oricon Charts. Many agreed that doing this in Japan is almost like a slap on the fact to those who supported him.

It seems like he really didn’t have any intention to hide it. Yunho didn’t even think about being considerate to Japan.

– Japanese Netizen

Source: Wikitree