TVXQ’s Yunho will be enlisting in the military this year

TVXQ recently completed their 10th anniversary tour in Japan at the Tokyo Dome, where member Yunho spoke to his fans on his impending military enlistment.

On April 3rd, Japanese media Sankei Sports reported that Yunho greeted fans as he shed tears, and it wasn’t only because the duo were celebrating their 10th debut year in Japan. Born in 1986 and standing at 29 years of age, Yunho is at the age where he should soon be enlisting and fulfilling his military requirement as a South Korean citizen.

SM Entertainment spoke on the situation, confirming Yunho’s upcoming enlistment this year, however, added, “The date for his military enlistment has not been set yet. Since he is at the age where he must enlist this year, it seems that is why he mentioned it at the concert. It was their last Japanese concert before their military enlistment.”

Changmin, who was born in 1988, is also coming to the age where he will enlisting soon. But words on whether he will join Yunho this year in the army has not been revealed.

Fans, who were sadden to hear the news of Yunho’s impending military enlistment, hope that Changmin also joins this year so the wait for TVXQ’s return is two years and not four.

TVXQ will be joining the festivities in this year’s Korean Music Festival at Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, this May.

Source: OSEN and Star News