BBMA Producer Mike Mahan Is Hinting At A Special BTS Announcement, According To Fans

Mike Mahan has released a hint that many fans are sure is a hint at a BTS announcement!

Fans have been speculating that this tweet could be a hint at a BTS announcement.

The reason A.R.M.Ys are so excited is that Mike Mahan, the CEO of the BBMA production company, has spelled out “DONE” in capital letters in his latest tweet.


How does this correlate to a BTS announcement you say? Last year, “Done” is how he responded to a tweet by a BTS fan to confirm that BTS was invited to the show.


He also replied “DONE” to another fan begging for BTS to be selected.


Moreover, he had hashtagged the photo he took with the BTS members #done.


Fans have also been speculating that BTS’s tweet telling fans not to miss the show is yet another hint that they may be performing this year.


Because of all these hints, fans have been eager to hear another “done” from Mike Mahan and his latest tweet has been nearly giving them heart attacks due to the anticipation!


The hint may not exactly be a “done” deal though, as Mike Mahan has previously used the word to confirm another artist as well.


Nonetheless, the hype is up with BTS fans filling up most of the comment section on the tweet.


One of the fans who received the “done” response last year has already posted the same comment they made last year with the added “To Perform” in hopes that they would receive the same response this year!


Now, let the waiting begin. Stay tuned to see what is announced next!