Netizen’s Innocent Tweet About Their Brother And His Girlfriend Randomly Goes Viral With BTS ARMY

The OP was so confused!

Twitter user mother earth (@nonbinarybooty) went viral this week after sharing that their little brother’s girlfriend “fixed” his phone case for him.

| @nonbinarybooty/Twitter

They shared screenshots of a conversation with their mom, explaining the story about how the little brother’s phone case had gotten “so dirty he was going to throw it away.” His girlfriend ended up taking it and decorating it.

| @nonbinarybooty/Twitter

| @nonbinarybooty/Twitter


So, now the phone case is pink and glittery with a cute drawing of Patrick Star from SpongeBob SquarePants.

| @nonbinarybooty/Twitter

The girlfriend even included “I LOVE YOU” and her and his initials! BRB, crying.

| @nonbinarybooty/Twitter

An overwhelming majority of netizens couldn’t get over how sweet and wholesome the young teens’ relationship was.

On the other hand, many netizens couldn’t help but notice what Patrick appeared to be holding.

It resembled an ARMY Bomb, BTS’s lightstick!

| @nonbinarybooty/Twitter

It reached K-Pop stan Twitter as the OP’s quote-tweets filled with ARMYs.

The original poster was so concerned and confused that netizens mentioned a “bomb” about the innocent picture. It was actually meant to be an ice cream cone, hence Patrick’s expression (he’s eating)!

The more you know!

Source: nonbinarybooty

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