Actresses Kim Tae Ri And Dakota Johnson Wore The Same Fit But Served Totally Different Vibes

Both looked like angels in the outfit!

One of the year’s hottest events has to be the annual Baeksang Awards. Each year, the best and hottest actors in the Korean entertainment industry come together to celebrate their achievements and treat netizens to some adorable AF interactions.

As expected, all those attending stole the hearts of netizens with their visuals. However, one person who really gained attention was none other than Twenty Five Twenty One actress Kim Tae Ri.

Kim Tae Ri | tvN

Although her character Hee Do dresses simply and isn’t normally seen in glamorous looks, the same couldn’t be said for Kim Tae Ri at the 2022 Baeksang Art Awards. In particular, netizens noticed that both Kim Tae Ri and another iconic actress wore a magnificent white two-piece from Brandon Maxwell‘s bridal collection.

The two pieces are absolutely beautiful. The white pin-tucked satin-crepe bra top ($696 USD) and the white ball skirt with cummerbund waist ($4995 USD) are definitely perfect for the red carpet.

The complete outfit by Brandon Maxwell | Brandon Maxwell

Of course, it meant that when Kim Tae Ri wore it, she looked like an angel in the white outfit. The cameras couldn’t seem to get enough of the actress as they caught her natural visuals…

But also captured a different side to the actress as she showed off her charisma and personality as she stood posing for pictures. With a pair of elegant earrings and simple accessories, Kim Tae Ri’s beauty was allowed to shine in the angelic ensemble.

Well, it seems like another iconic actress has also rocked the same outfit, and it’s none other than Dakota Johnson.

Dakota Johnson | @dakotajohnson/Instagram

Back in 2019, Dakota Johnson wore the same iconic outfit at the 2019 Governors Awards. Like Kim Tae Ri, Dakota chose to keep things simple when it came to accessorizing the dress and chose a pair of beautiful earrings.

Yet, unlike Kim Tae Ri, Dakota Johnson chose to show more of her proportions by not wearing the skirt as high as Kim Tae Ri.

Despite wearing the outfits slightly differently, both actresses shined in the outfits and made the bridal look perfect for the red carpet. With Hollywood and the world of K-Dramas slowly moving towards each other, maybe the two will meet in the future because it will be truly iconic.

Same Fit, Different Vibes