TWICE Achieves Over 100 Million Views For 9 Consecutive Music Videos

“CHEER UP” has surpassed 300 million!

With their comeback drawing near, TWICE’s “CHEER UP” music video has surpassed 300 million views and heightened the excitement.


TWICE currently has 3 music videos with over 300 million views and 7 music videos with over 200 million views with all 9 of their songs from their debut song “LIKE OOH-AHH” to their most recent “Dance The Night Away” having surpassed 100 million views.


On September 17, TWICE became the first Korean artist to surpass 400 million views for their “TT” music video and the day before, they had reached a 300 million view record for their “Likey” music video as well.


TWICE’s more recent “What is Love?” music video has also surpassed 200 million views on October 11th.


“What is Love?” and “Dance The Night Away” topped the charts soon after it was released and the latter had even won the TWICE members the title of “Summer Queens”. With such impressive achievements already made this year, fans are buzzing with anticipation for their comeback!


TWICE’s comeback for their 6th mini album, “YES or YES”, is scheduled to be released today (November 5) at 6 pm KST so stay tuned!

Source: Sports Chosun