(★TRENDING) TWICE Had To Abruptly Cancel Their Malaysia Concert, And Fans Took It In The Most Mature Way Possible

They were devastated by the news, but they didn’t just sit around and complain.

Due to safety concerns with the venue, JYP Entertainment was forced to abruptly cancel TWICE’s TWICELAND Fantasy Park concert in Kuala Lumpur less than 24 hours before the scheduled show.

[★BREAKING] TWICE Forced To Cancel “TWICELAND Fantasy Park” Malaysia Concert Due To Safety Concerns


According to Malaysian media sources, the concert was cancelled due to the unstable stage that could not be fixed in the short time they had.


Fans were obviously concerned for the members, who had expressed their excitement to finally perform for their fans in Malaysia for the first time.


But some noted that many fans had flown to Malaysia from overseas just to see TWICE.


And while the organizers promised that fans would be able to receive full refunds for their tickets, those who had to travel would likely be unable to recover any flight and hotel fees.


But despite the chaos from the past few hours, ONCEs have remained incredibly mature and put the safety and feelings of TWICE over their own problems.


After taking some time to process the devastating news, ONCEs quickly sprung into action.


In fact, many made light of a bad situation and immediately started planning to make sure the members knew that ONCEs weren’t blaming them in any way.


To show their love and support, many ONCEs waited at the airport in Malaysia for TWICE with slogans and support chants ready.


Fans even showed their love for TWICE with fanchants to TWICE’s many hit songs.


Rather than dwell on an unfortunate situation and complain, ONCEs are making sure to ensure TWICE knows they are loved! What a mature and reasonable response!