TWICE Announces Special Treat For Fans Along With New Comeback Teaser

Along with their latest comeback teaser for “Signal”, JYP Entertainment girl group TWICE revealed that they will be holding an encore TWICELAND concert following the incredible success of their first concert tour. 

Following the release of their first teaser for “Signal”, which featured a photo of the girls in western school uniforms, TWICE unveiled their comeback schedule for the upcoming release.

In addition to teasing fans with what looks like a space-theme, however, the teaser also included a note that encore concerts for TWICELAND would be held on June 17th and 18th at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium.

With the overwhelming success of the TWICELAND concerts in Seoul, Thailand, and Singapore so far, the encore concert will definitely be a huge hit with fans.

TWICE’s comeback schedule / Source: JYP Entertainment