TWICE Become The 2nd Foreign Female Artist With The Most Wins On Japan’s Oricon Album Chart

Congrats to TWICE!

TWICE has topped the Japan Oricon Album Chart with their new Japanese album, &TWICE.


They sold 124,000 copies just in the first week of its release. This is also their fifth time topping this chart. They are now the second foreign female artist with the most wins on this chart. They are tied with Mariah Carey and just behind BoA.

This album includes a total of 10 tracks and includes songs from their 4th single, HAPPY HAPPY, fifth single, Breakthrough, and the song “How u doin” which was written and produced by member Chaeyoung.

The space in front of the ‘&’ in their album title &TWICE, is a symbol for their never-ending potential as well as collaborations and that there fans will always be with them.

Fans were ecstatic to hear of their accomplishment.




TWICE is currently on their Japanese tour and will also perform at the Tokyo Dome on March 3-4 for the second year in a row.

Source: edaily