Trying To Help TWICE in The Billboard Social 50 Rankings Takes a Hilarious Turn Thanks to One ONCE

ONCEs really have a funny bone.

ONCEs are currently doing their best to push TWICE up the Billboard Social 50 via Twitter, but things took a funny turn thanks to one ONCE deciding to “spice up” their tweet!

Twitter user DuBurritio is the originator of the meme that would go viral, trying to bring some humor to their tweet that they were using to help boost TWICE in the rankings.

Well ONCEs found it insanely funny…and ran with it to make their own variants! The amount of high quality meme edits were seriously impressive, so we just had to share some some of the ones we found!

Here are a few of our favorites:

1) ONCEs showing exactly how they feel waiting for the next TWICE comeback:

2) Nayeon doing a “smell you later, loser” drive by:

3) Dahyun doing her best to keep the title of “Meme Queen”:

4) Showing how ONCEs feel after getting tease after tease of a comeback with no date announced:

5) Trying to “do the math” to find out when TWICE’s next comeback will be:

The meme edits got extremely popular, with one being retweeted close to 2,000 times!

We can’t wait to see what ONCEs come up with next!