With TWICE As Brand Models, Pocari Sweat Has Achieved Something It Never Has Before

Just a few months since revealing TWICE as their new brand models, Pocari Sweat is on track for the highest sales number in the company’s history. 

According to reports, Pocari Sweat’s cumulative sales fro January to July of this year have already reached approximately ₩100 billion KRW ($87,748,000 USD).

This figure is already 10% higher than last year’s record-breaking sales and is only expected to get higher during Korea’s scorching summer. 

Last year’s total sales reached a total of about ₩150 billion KRW, which is well within reach for this year. 

Fans helped TWICE land the Pocari Sweat CF, and it looks like it was really a match made in heaven. 

Fans Land TWICE One Of Their Biggest Endorsements Ever

The group members’ refreshing charms and youthful energy match very well with the beverage’s reputation.

In fact, the CF was even voted as the best commercial in Korea by television viewers.

ONCEs are head over heels with Pocari Sweat, turning it into one of the most popular items of the summer!

With how much publicity TWICE has brought to Pocari Sweat, no wonder every advertiser in Korea wants them as models!

Every Advertiser In Korea Wants TWICE As Their Brand Models

Source: Herald Corp