TWICE Are Now The Best-Selling K-Pop Girl Group in Japan, Breaking A 10 Year Record

They’re also the best-selling girl-group in Korea!

TWICE has just become the best-selling girl group in Japan–after breaking a 10-year record!

| JYP Entertainment

On March 18, TWICE hit 3.31 million sales in Japan, according to Oricon. This surpassed KARA’s record of 3.24 million sales, therefore earning the group the top spot as best-selling girl group in the country!

On top of that, earlier this year TWICE were reported to be the best-selling girl group in Korea, so they have now conquered both markets!

| JYP Entertainment

Fans are incredibly proud of the girls, and rightfully so! The terms “TWICE RECORD BREAKERS” and “#트와이스” (“TWICE“) have amassed nearly 80,000 tweets and are trending on Twitter. 

TWICE’s 5-year career has been amazingly successful and we can’t wait to see which record these girls will break next.


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