Here’s The Real Reason Why TWICE’s Chaeyoung Recently Apologized To ITZY’s Ryujin

It is absolutely hilarious 😂

Although it seems like idols are always competing with each other, the reality couldn’t be further from the truth, and netizens love seeing interactions between groups.

In particular, the bond and friendship between groups in the same company is something undeniable! Two groups that fans have always loved seeing interacting with each other are JYP Entertainment‘s TWICE and ITZY.

TWICE and ITZY | JYP Entertainment

TWICE’s Chaeyoung recently appeared on Lee Youngji‘s YouTube channel, where she chatted about everything from her own experiences as a young idol and much more. In particular, Chaeyoung has gained attention from fans after sharing stories about interactions with ITZY‘s Ryujin!

During the video, Chaeyoung shared that she went out for dinner with Ryujin shortly after ITZY debuted because she wanted to buy her junior artist food.


During their meal, Chaeyoung asked Ryujin how everything was going and whether she was struggling with anything.

Yet, what caught the attention of fans was the fact that Chaeyoung explained that she replied to Ryujin’s concerns saying, “I know it’s tough,” and the referred to herself as “Latte” which is a satirical expression that is similar to saying “When I was young” and can be compared to the term kkondae.

As soon as Chaeyoung mentioned this, both she and Lee Youngji had the funniest reaction to this word.

Chaeyoung then explained that she shared with Ryujin the struggles because she didn’t have a senior colleague to speak to, and Lee Youngji asked how she would’ve felt if 2PM or miss A would’ve said that to her.

Hilariously, Chaeyoung added, “If I think about that… It’s suffocating.” It seems as if the reality dawned on Chaeyoung about what she did, and she was suddenly very apologetic towards Ryujin.

I’m sorry… I’m sorry for making you feel uncomfortable.

— TWICE’s Chaeyoung


Luckily, as worried Chaeyoung was, she didn’t have to be! After the episode aired, Ryujin went live with fans and explained that she’d messaged Chaeyoung after the show telling her that she didn’t have to worry about being sorry.

Today, I texted Chaeyoung-unnie. I told her how if I were to be invited on Lee Youngji’s show, I will go there and properly tell her all about how you were a kkondae. Chaeyoung-unnie said ‘Ok I got it.’ Isn’t she so cute?

— ITZY’s Ryujin

Chaeyoung also confirmed this. She added that they had planned to meet up again, but without her using the term “Back in my day…”

Luckily, everything seems to be sorted out. Hopefully, fans can see more TWICE x ITZY interactions in the future. You can watch the whole video below.

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