TWICE’s Chaeyoung Was Caught Singing Along To TXT’s “Cat & Dog”

She had a dance move ready too.

In a clip of TWICE‘s TWICE TV, the girls were in their third week of “Fancy” promotions, preparing for their Music Core stage.

While they were waiting, Nayeon decided she would record herself but the camera quality didn’t turn out to be as well as she’d expected. So, she adjusted the angle to fix the problem.

And, that’s when TXT‘s “Cat & Dog” could be heard playing in the background, most likely on one of the TV monitors for their performance.

So, Chaeyoung could be heard saying the noises “meow” and “woof” while watching the performance to show just how into it she was.

Later on, she even imitated TXT’s dance move of sticking out a paw.

Sometimes idols get hooked into listening and dancing to other idols’ songs just like fans, especially if they’re promoting at the same time.

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