Two of TWICE Chaeyoung’s Favorite Items Give A Sneak Peek Into Her Mind, Revealing Just How Deep And Creative She Is

Chaeyoung is an artist in more ways than one.

In TWICE Chaeyoung‘s interview with ELLE KOREA for their Name Tag series, she revealed two items that are near and dear to her heart. She carries them with her everywhere, and while they’re crucial for her hobbies, they’re also a way for Chaeyoung to explore her thoughts and emotions.


The first item is her pencil case, which she carries everywhere. Chaeyoung’s love outside of music is fine art, and since she prefers physically drawing over digitally drawing, it makes sense why her pencil case is one of her most precious items.

What’s also interesting about the pencil case is that it’s made from recycled fishing lines. Stylish and sustainable, Chaeyoung is constantly raising the standard.

Chaeyoung named her pencil case “I get anxious when I don’t have you,” and it reflects just how essential art is in her life.

Of course, you can’t only draw with pens and pencils. You also need paper, and Chaeyoung’s next item she carried with her everywhere was a notebook. Her favorite thing about this specific notebook brand is that it flattens nicely, allowing her to draw and write with ease.

Chaeyoung jokingly said she wouldn’t be able to show anything to the viewers since it’s personal, but in reality, she’s shown off the contents in her notebook several times, particularly her artwork. Unfortunately, this is her third notebook that she just switched to, so there were no new drawings she could show ONCE.

Chaeyoung affectionately named her notebook “Trash can (for my emotions).” Whenever she has a lot on her mind, she empties it all into the notebook. She never looks back on what she writes either, so symbolically, Chaeyoung transfers the mess inside her head to the notebook and walks away with peace and clarity.

Chaeyoung’s art is a reflection of her creative worldview, and it’s something that can never be apart from her. If you’re interested in her drawings, here are a few.