The Real Reason TWICE’s Chaeyoung Did Not Like The Styling During The Group’s Early “Cute” Concepts

Her training was more suited to another JYP group!

Since debuting in 2016, TWICE‘s Chaeyoung has captured the hearts of netizens with her amazing talent, unique style, and charming charisma. It seems impossible to imagine the idol doing anything else with any other group as she blends perfectly into the chaotic TWICE family.

TWICE’s Chaeyoung | @twicetagram/Instagram

Although Chaeyoung has gained praise for her unique style and breaking stereotypes with her tattoos, she has always been a perfect fit in TWICE. Since debuting, the idol has continuously improved and worked amazingly with every concept.

TWICE “Likey Likey” video | JYP Entertainment/YouTube

TWICE “What is Love” video | JYP Entertainment/YouTube

TWICE “Talk That Talk” video | JYP Entertainment/YouTube

Yet, it seems like although Chaeyoung fits perfectly into TWICE, she wasn’t always a fan of everything the group did with their music and concepts, especially in the early promotions.

Chaeyoung recently appeared in a video with rapper Lil Cherry. During the video, the two artists discussed everything from their favorite K-Pop idols, to their experience of cutting hair and much more. Netizens were obsessed with the duo’s chemistry and how natural they were.

In particular, Lil Cherry asked Chaeyoung if there was ever a time she wasn’t satisfied with the way the group was scheduled. Considering how young Chaeyoung was when she debuted, it wasn’t surprising that she wasn’t always a fan of the cuter concepts, especially as a teenager.

In the earlier days of TWICE, we were very bright
and displayed a lot of cute styling. So, I thought,
as a younger person I wanted to look more mature kind of feeling.

— Chaeyoung

Chaeyoung then explained that songs like “KNOCK KNOCK” wasn’t what she expected when she debuted, adding, “I didn’t like the styles we wore and the cute song we performed.”

“KNOCK KNOCK” was such a huge song but it is easy to see why it might have been a hard concept to pull off, especially when Chaeyoung was becoming an adult.

TWICE “KNOCK KNOCK” video | JYP Entertainment/YouTube 

She then surprised people by explaining that the cuteness that TWICE had in many comebacks wasn’t something she was prepared for. She even explained that she had trained for a completely different concept and that it was something similar to fellow JYP group ITZY‘s concept.

When I was a trainee, I trained for completely different vibes, sort of ITZY style.

— Chaeyoung

Compared to some of TWICE’s earlier music, ITZY’s concepts and themes definitely seemed perfect for Chaeyoung who has always gained praise for her unique style and personality. Although she looked amazing during TWICE’s cute songs, it is easy to imagine her in songs like “LOCO” and “Wannabe.”

ITZY’s “LOCO” video | JYP Entertainment/YouTube

ITZY’s “Wannabe” video | JYP Entertainment/YouTube  

Although netizens love seeing Chaeyoung with the darker and sexier TWICE concepts, she definitely worked the cute concepts. After so long in the industry, it is good to know that the members have more influence in their styling, and Chaeyoung doesn’t have to wear anything she doesn’t feel comfortable in.

You can watch the whole video below.

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