TWICE’s Jeongyeon Was 100% Done With Chaeyoung’s Funny Group Chat Habit

We all have a friend like Chaeyoung 😂 (and if you don’t, you’re probably that friend!)

In a new “Who’s Who” video with BuzzFeedVideo on YouTube, the TWICE members revealed Chaeyoung has a funny habit in their group chat—and Jeongyeon was hilariously “done” with it.

When BuzzFeedVideo asked the members to name the one who’s most likely to “ghost” them in the group chat, Tzuyu, Sana, JihyoMomo, Dahyun, and Nayeon all agreed on the answer: Chaeyoung—much to her shock.

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Why me?!

— Chaeyoung

Of course, the members weren’t backing down on their choice. “Chaeyoung is unreal,” Nayeon revealed in disbelief, adding that Chaeyoung’s response time in the group chat is “seriously delayed.” But before Nayeon could even explain the extent of Chaeyoung’s slow replies, Jeongyeon had a gripe of her own: Chaeyoung didn’t even pick up Jeongyeon’s call on her birthday!

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I called her on her birthday and she didn’t even pick that up. So sad…

— Jeongyeon

Despite Chaeyoung protesting that she was asleep, Jeongyeon hilariously pointed out that Chaeyoung didn’t even call or text her back the next day. She was so done, Nayeon had to tell the pair, “Please don’t fight!” as the other members giggled in the background.

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Nayeon went on to explain that when someone sends a message in the TWICE group chat, the other members will all respond in a timely manner. Then, as expected, a few days will pass and the members will all move on to a new subject—except Chaeyoung, who shows up when they least expect to respond to messages from days ago.

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Jihyo recalled that it happened recently: Jeongyeon texted the group chat about something, and two days passed before Chaeyoung replied. But the funniest part what was she responded with—Nayeon divulged, “Her reply was just, ‘Hahaha.'”

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Then Chaeyoung revealed something that even had Jihyo surprised: the reason why she doesn’t respond quickly is because she actually has the group chat muted! “I’m a little sad,” said Jihyo, “So that’s how you feel about what we have to say.”

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But Chaeyoung insisted it wasn’t like that—and she actually has a good reason to giving herself some space. “It’s just when the texts suddenly flood in, when I have a lot of messages, I get anxious,” she shared. The other members admitted that the group chat messages can rack up quickly, so it’s no wonder Chaeyoung gets a little overwhelmed. Even Nayeon agreed that she hasn’t been checking them so often lately.

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All that said, Nayeon explained that Chaeyoung does respond to direct messages really quickly. She’s never more than a text away when they need her!

Source: BuzzFeedVideo