TWICE’s Chaeyoung Inspired One Of Nayeon’s “POP!” Looks

The similarities between the two looks are spot-on.

After releasing her highly-anticipated solo debut “POP!”, it was only fitting for TWICE‘s Nayeon to react to the music video with her members Chaeyoung and Jeongyeon. In the process, Nayeon revealed that one of her many looks from the music video had been inspired by one of them.

Nayeon | @twicetagram/Instagram

While Jeongyeon made them laugh because of her excitement over the limo, Chaeyoung noticed something familiar about the scene.

Chaeyoung complimented Nayeon on her makeup, which caused the latter to say, “I have to tell you something!

The eyeliner Nayeon wore in that scene was the same style that Chaeyoung often wears. Chaeyoung reminded Jeongyeon, “What I wore during the world tour.

When the makeup artist did Nayeon’s eyeliner for the scene, she said, “They drew the eyeliner like this, and I told them how I love Chaeyoung’s eyeliner.

There was one difference that made the two looks suit each member. Nayeon added, “They’re not as thick as Chaeyoung’s.

While Chaeyoung’s eyeliner was thicker and decorated with crystals that would stand out on stage, Nayeon’s was sharper to suit the visuals of “POP!”.

Chaeyoung and Nayeon. | @twicetagram/Instagram & JYP Entertainment/YouTube

Check out Nayeon sharing some inspiration behind one of the makeup looks from her solo debut.