TWICE’s Chaeyoung Outs Herself As A STAY With A Practice Room Selfie

We love seeing labelmates support each other!

Recently, TWICE member Chaeyoung posted a series of mirror selfies while she was in the practice room at JYP Entertainment.

While some fans were immediately (and understandably) captivated by her tattoos on full display, some more eagle-eyed fans noticed something else in the picture as well!

By flipping the image and zooming in, Reddit user s1lverg confirmed what they thought they saw on Chaeyoung’s binder — not just one, but two stickers with Stray Kids‘ logo on them!

| u/s1lverg/Reddit

Chaeyoung has spoken up a little before about her support for Stray Kids; in 2018, she recommended their song “My Pace” to ONCEs to listen to. Besides that, however, she hasn’t been super vocal about TWICE’s younger brother group, but this makes it pretty clear that she is a STAY herself!

And who can blame her? Stray Kids’ music is fantastic, and they are quickly becoming one of the biggest names in the fourth generation of K-Pop. JYP Entertainment definitely has a lot of talent between these two groups under their label!

Source: Reddit