Zion.T’s Latest Post Exposes A Couple Item With TWICE’s Chaeyoung

Did you notice?

In early April, it was reported and confirmed that TWICE‘s Chaeyoung and musician Zion.T were in a relationship.


Zion. T

In a statement shared with media outlet Xportnews, JYP Entertainment confirmed the relationship, saying they were meeting with good feelings. Original reports claimed the pair had been dating for around six months.

The two are meeting each other with good feelings. They are supporting each other.

— JYP Entertainment

Though many were alarmed by the news for a specific reason, most accepted the couple with less discussion and criticism than previously revealed couples from this year.

Some attributed this to Zion.T being what Chaeyoung previously described as her “type” — someone who would fall in line with the “sickly beauty” term used in South Korea.

Recently, eagle-eyed fans found another piece of evidence that the two are well-matched, this time in the form of a couple item.

On April 6, Zion.T shared a post on Instagram featuring photos of himself and some other random items.

| @ziont/Instagram
| @ziont/Instagram

The first photo in the set appears to have been taken on a film camera and shows the star wearing a black twin-tipped hat.

It was this photo that led fans to make a connection to Chaeyoung!

On December 25, Chaeyoung made a post on Instagram that appeared to have been taken with a film camera.

In all the photos, Chaeyoung appears to be wearing the same hat as Zion. T is wearing in his post!

| @chaeyo.0/Instagram
| @chaeyo.0/Instagram

This just serves as another reason the pair are perfectly matched!


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