TWICE Chooses Their Favorite Choreographies—And Honestly, Same

Do you have the same favorites?

TWICE has learned many jaw-dropping and iconic choreographies over the years, but which are their favorites?

NME recently asked the girls this very question, and many surprisingly had similar answers! Check out what Momo, Nayeon, Mina, Tzuyu, and Sana picked below.

1. Momo

The first to answer was Momo, and she picked “Cry For Me” because it “came out beautifully.” She also gave special mention to “Feel Special” because she enjoys how heavy it is in group moves.

For me, the first favorite is ‘Cry For Me’ because in the end intro part there is a group dance that I really thought came out beautifully. And the choreography really reflects the lyrics, so I really like that a lot. Another favorite is ‘Feel Special’ because we get to dance a lot as a group and there were a lot of group moves. It also came out beautifully, so I like that a lot.

— Momo

2. Nayeon

Nayeon’s answer was the same as Momo’s, so she decided to name her third favorite choreography instead—”Dance The Night Away!” Although the dance is difficult, she likes how it puts them in a good mood.

Actually, Momo said two of my favorites. So if I were to pick, I had to give my third choice which is ‘Dance The Night Away’. The choreography is really hard but during the dance, we get to make a lot of eye contact with each other so it kind of puts us in a really good mood while performing the song.

— Nayeon

3. Mina

Next, Mina picked “Firework,” a side track from their “More & More” album. Unfortunately, they rarely perform the song, but it is nonetheless a stand-out because of its sexy and powerful moves.

We rarely perform this song on stage, but my favorite is ‘Firework’ because it’s very sexy and powerful at the same time.

— Mina

4. Tzuyu

Like Momo and Nayeon, Tzuyu also loves the “Cry For Me” choreography! She noted how it matches the lyrics perfectly, and she enjoys the harmonious way she and her members dance together.

‘Cry For Me’ because the lyrics really reflect the choreography well, and we actually dance quite well in unison for that song. We make really harmonious moves in that song, so I think that’s a really good song to perform.

— Tzuyu

5. Sana

Last but not the least, Sana singled out “Fancy” as having her favorite choreography because it has a different mood compared to other songs. Overall, she is drawn to how exciting it is to perform.

I agree with all the favorites that the other members mentioned. But if I were to pick, it’d be ‘Fancy’, because the mood was quite different from all the other previous songs. So, it was really exciting to watch while we were learning, and [it] was very exciting.

— Sana

In case you still haven’t seen them, check out the choreographies that TWICE mentioned below!

Source: NME