Here’s Why TWICE’s Choreographer, Lia Kim Is a Top Trending Search

She’s more than just TWICE’s choreographer.

Choreographer, Lia Kim‘s name has been a trending search in recent days due to her various activities as well as her recent TV appearances.

2. Lia Kim

Lia Kim is a famous choreographer, who has choreographed for top Korean stars such as SNSD, Lee Hyori, 2NE1, EXID, Sunmi, Um Jung Hwa, and TWICE.

She is also the head of the major dance company, 1MILLION Dance Studio, which also includes other top choreographers and dancers.

But that’s not all. Lia Kim recently appeared on MBC Every 1’s Video Star and received a lot of attention for her speaking skills.

On the show, Lia Kim mentioned TWICE and said:

“I scolded them a lot and made them cry. I was especially hard on TWICE’s Jeongyeon, and I feel bad about that.”

In addition to her strong stage and media presence, she also has a YouTube channel of her own that acts as another extension to her creativity.

With her talent as well as her strong presence on the internet, it’s no wonder that people are showing growing interest in this well-known choreographer.

Lia Kim is currently 35 years old, and she also reported that she’s been dating her current boyfriend for 10 years.

Source: Asia News Agency