TWICE comeback countdown begins with official date announcement

Though there has been word and rumors regarding TWICE‘s October comeback, nothing has been confirmed until recently.

On October 7th, a music industry official revealed that the group is official in full-comeback preparation mode. This upcoming album is just six months following their 2nd mini-album PAGE TWO which spanned the hit “Cheer Up.”

Since their debut in October 2015, the group has accumulated an amazing 179 million views between their “Like OOH-AHH” and “Cheer Up.” In March, “Cheer Up” took over the charts for the month on MelOn for 24 consecutive days and stayed in the Top 10 for 16 weeks.

TWICE’s comeback is highly anticipated this October due to their success over the year. In addition, both the fans and group have even more to celebrate with TWICE’s 1st debut anniversary in just a matter of days.

Their comeback date is said to be October 24th.

Source: OSEN