TWICE’s New Comeback MV Set Accidentally Spotted By Popular Streamer (& It Looks Incredible)

Listen closely and you may even be able to hear the new title track!

Popular Korean Twitch streamer Jinnytty is known for her outdoor broadcasts, so her viewers didn’t suspect anything unusual when she tried to stream at a popular resort. However, things took a surprising turn when she stumbled upon TWICE‘s new music video set instead.

It’s already been six months since TWICE released “I Can’t Stop Me” and latest album Eyes Wide Open, so ONCEs were ecstatic this week when JYP Entertainment confirmed the group would be making a comeback in June this year. When confirming the news, the company also revealed that the members currently filming their music video on Jeju Island, the largest island in South Korea. However, fans didn’t actually expect to get a glimpse of the music video set—until now.

| JYP Entertainment

In her latest broadcast, Jinnytty (also known as Jinny) decided to take her camera and viewers with her on a trip to a popular Jeju Island resort. However, when she arrived, she was promptly stopped by filming crew members.

| Jinnytty/Twitch

After some brief discussion, Jinny was informed that TWICE themselves were currently on location. Even more surprisingly, the streamer learned that JYP Entertainment had rented the entire resort for a music video shoot.

| Jinnytty/Twitch

Guys, I think TWICE is here… It’s not a joke. They’re making a music video so they rented the whole place.


The resort in question is none other than LOTTE Hotel Jeju, a sprawling luxury resort right by the seashore. LOTTE Hotel Jeju has 500 rooms, each currently averaging around $450 USD per night, so it’s likely that the company may have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on the music video set alone.

| Jinnytty/Twitch

While Jinny only showed a small glimpse of the shooting location in her Twitch broadcast, photos of the resort show how incredible it is.

| LOTTE Hotel Jeju

The tropical-themed outdoor area features several swimming pools, palm trees, and stunning gold and purple lighting in the evening.

| LOTTE Hotel Jeju

Beyond the cabanas, windmills, and artificial rock formations, the hotel also offers a beautiful view of the ocean.

| LOTTE Hotel Jeju

If this shooting location is anything to go by, TWICE’s new comeback is shaping up to be an incredible summer-themed hit. Interestingly, Jinnytty is a budding performer herself. Last year, she released “Bang Bang”: a collaboration with fellow Twitch streamers HAchubbyYuggie_TV, and Yunicorn19.

While filming the resort, Jinny asked her viewers, “Can you hear the music?” While it’s hard to make out any music in the background, if you listen hard enough to Jinny’s clip below, you may be able to hear a snippet of TWICE’s next single.

Source: Jinnytty