TWICE Completes Filming Music Video With New Production Team And Fans Are Excited

Who’s excited for their new style and concept?

TWICE is slowly gearing up for another comeback!

| JYP Entertainment

According to music industry officials, TWICE has recently completed filming for their new music video. This is their first comeback in four months after their release of MORE & MORE this past June.

TWICE promises to return with a different style this time and even worked with a new production team for their music video. Previously, the group had only worked with one production team, NAIVE Studios. Fans are excited to see a different concept and image with this new comeback.

NAIVE Studios is a production company that has been working with JYP Entertainment for many years and is known for making many of TWICE’s music videos.

Recently, the production company was under fire for plagiarism of the “More & More” music video set. Upon hearing the news that TWICE worked with a new production company, some fans are happy about the news.

Some fans feel that the company listened to the fans’ thoughts and used a new production team for this comeback.

Although there are a lot things fans want changed, they are happy that they are taking the first step in the right direction.

JYP Entertainment stated, “TWICE is confirmed to make a comeback on October 26 and is currently busy preparing for the new album.”

Stay tuned for TWICE’s comeback!

Source: ilgan sports