Filipino ONCEs Slam Local Organizers For “Messy” Ticket Selling Of TWICE’s Concert In The Philippines

Here’s what happened.

Filipino fans of TWICE are taking to social media to express their displeasure at the alleged shortcomings of local concert organizers.

On June 15 and 16, the selling of concert tickets to TWICE’s 5th World Tour, Ready To Be, went live.

One of the issues fans faced during the pre-sale event was being unable to buy tickets after the sole ticketing service for the concert, SM Tickets, failed to send email verification codes to them.

More importantly, hundreds of ONCEs noticed after their transactions were finalized that their ticket vouchers disappeared from their accounts despite already having paid for them.

Though their chosen payment methods confirmed that their transactions pushed through, they did not receive the same email confirmation from the ticketing site itself.

Increasing their worry was news of ONCEs who escalated the issue to SM Tickets only to be told that the seats they paid for were not credited under their names. They did not receive any assurance that their chosen seats would be reserved for them while the pre-sale event continued.

Local fan account @TWICEVU_ confirmed this in a one-on-one chat with an SM Tickets representative.

They said that for those whose money was deducted, the payment pushed through but the ticket is not reserved. So option one is to find the best available seat within 24-48 hours in the same section or [wait for a refund within] 30-60 days.


SM Tickets and head organizer Live Nation PH later posted on social media that the fans’ vouchers will return to their accounts in 24 hours.

As the golden hour neared and passed, ONCEs grew increasingly agitated.

They called the ticket selling “messy” and “unorganized.”

Many are still waiting for their tickets to be credited back to their accounts.

On top of this issue, the SM Tickets website crashed a few hours after the June 15 ticket selling started. It was only at 6:55PM that they announced that the pre-selling was suspended.

The site returned just a few minutes before the General Onsale the next day, confusing fans who were waiting since morning for assurance from the organizers that everything will proceed as planned.

Besides problems with the ticketing website, there were also concerns surrounding scalpers who were mass buying tickets only to resell them at higher prices.

One infamous scalper was able to secure 16 VIP tickets by bypassing the system using bots. He resold them for up PHP 40,000 ($716 USD) each, a markup of PHP 22,500 (around $400 USD).

Overall, fans noted that the ticket selling of TWICE’s Ready To Be world tour in the Philippines was rife with issues.

TWICE will perform at the Philippine Arena, Bulacan, on September 30, 2023. They last visited the country in 2019 for their Twicelights tour.

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