TWICE covers Wonder Girls “So Hot”, and totally kills it

JYP should be proud as TWICE did justice to the Wonder Girls’ hit song “So Hot” on M COUNTDOWN’s 500th episode!

TWICE channeled their senior labelmates with bold animal print outfits that resembled what the Wonder Girls wore during their live performances. The original choreography stayed the same but was altered to fit nine members. Their vocals even sounded like the Wonder Girls themselves! 

Eight years in ago in 2008, the Wonder Girls performed “So Hot” on M COUNTDOWN. To give you a reference, maknae Tzuyu was only nine years old! Wow does time fly by!

Recently TWICE has been on a roll, breaking records with their Halloween themed song  “TT.” In October they released their album Twicecoaster: Lane 1We’re excited to see where their continued roller coaster success will take them!

Watch TWICE’S performance below:

Watch the original performance from the Wonder Girls below: