TWICE’s Dahyun Reveals The Back Story To Her Now-Famous Gig As A Guest Weather Reporter

Today’s weather has been brought to you by the Dubu!

TWICE‘s Dahyun surprised everyone when she suddenly appeared on this morning’s news network to relay the latest weather reports!

As it was her first time appearing formally on the news as a reporter, she sought out professional help and arrived early to prepare. And her efforts paid off as she nailed the segment with minimal mistakes!

Dahyun later appeared on a radio show with her members and revealed the back story to how she became a weather reporter for the day!

She came up with the idea while discussing their promotional plans for their new album, “MORE & MORE”. She confessed that she was very nervous during the live recording but she plans on trying new promotions more and more!

While we were discussing our comeback, I wanted to show a variety of new promotions, so I got to appear as a guest weather reporter.

I was very nervous at the time.

We plan on preparing a variety of different sides to ourselves, so please look forward to it!

— Dahyun

Dahyun’s famous for her stunning visuals and her killer performances, but she’s also famous for her ability to transform into all kinds of roles!

She went viral when she styled herself like Elsa, and everyone got a taste to see what it’d be like if Elsa debuted as a K-Pop star!

Not to mention her legendary take on Aladdin’s Genie for Halloween!

What new role will Dahyun take on next?! ONCEs now have more and more to look forward to!

Check out Dahyun’s performance as a news weather reporter in the video below!

Source: Newsen