TWICE’s Dahyun Reveals She’s On A Diet, But Her Healthy Approach To It Is Impressing ONCEs

Fans are loving her attitude!

All the members of TWICE recently gained tons of positive attention for their healthy bodies, and Dahyun‘s recent revelation about her diet is impressing fans even more!

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Dahyun is slated to release her solo photobook, Yes, I Am Dahyun soon, and will be the 5th member to release her own photobook!

She recently sat down for an ASMR interview, where she talked about the concepts for the photoshoot, held a recital, and more!

For the interview, she was asked to share a TMI fact about what she does on her day off, and Dahyun shared how worried she was about her photobook shooting, so she decided to go on a healthy diet to look her best in the pictures!

I felt a lot of pressure about the shooting today since I have to fill 200-300 pages by myself. So I really thought a lot about it. I wanted to show a lot of different sides of me to ONCEs, like the parts of me that you’ve never seen before. I thought about what I can do, and I decided on going on a diet.


She shared how she’s lost 2 kgs after cutting out chocolate and bread and exercising diligently, and although her diet might end that night, she’s going to work hard on maintaining her weight healthily!

If you lose weight too fast, you gain it right back. But I will try to maintain it!


We love a healthy and happy Dahyun the most!

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You can watch her talk about it here!