TWICE’s Dahyun Looks Back On Dressing “Very, Very Conservatively” And Modifying Clothes To Show Less Skin

Here’s what changed her mind.

In only a few years, TWICE has gone from being super rookies to one of the most respected K-Pop groups in the nation. They fill up stadiums, win first place in music shows, and receive the love of millions of adoring fans from all over the world. Now with seven years under their belt, their fame knows no bounds.

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But on a more personal note, Dahyun touched on one of the biggest changes that have happened to her in recent years—her choice of clothes.

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The topic was brought up in a recent interview with Cosmopolitan where the girls were asked how they’ve changed from their debut in 2015 to now.

TWICE is having its seventh anniversary this year. How do you think you’ve changed from 2015 to now?

— Cosmopolitan

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Dahyun explained that she used to be “very, very conservative” in the way she dressed.

For example, whenever she’d wear a top with buttons, she’d make sure it was completely closed, not a single button left undone. She was more comfortable when she dressed modestly.

I used to be very, very conservative when it came to my outfits. I would button all the way up whenever I wore a shirt.

— Dahyun

Fellow TWICE member Sana recalled how Dahyun would have her more revealing outfits modified by their stylist. She used to call up the stylist and ask that the piece be sewn up.

Before, Dahyun used to call the stylist if it’s a more revealing outfit, and the stylist would have to sew it up to cover her skin.

— Sana

But now she’s more open,” Sana observed.

Sana (left), Jeongyeon (center), and Dahyun (right) | Cosmopolitan

And true enough, Dahyun revealed that the reason she has since changed her mind is that she has become “braver.” The “SCIENTIST” singer now has no problem with showing more skin.

She came to realize that it has allowed her to try more concepts, freeing her to try a greater variety of clothes.

But now I am brave enough to reveal some skin. And that way, I can try many different styling concepts, so it’s good.

— Dahyun

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Then and now, regardless of what Dahyun chooses to wear, there’s no denying how beautiful she is!

| JYP Entertainment

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Source: Cosmopolitan