TWICE’s Dahyun Reveals A Fresh New Skill And Sana’s Reaction is Priceless

We knew that Dahyun could rap and dance but who knew that she could juice?

TWICE is ready to relax on the new season of their reality show “TIME TO TWICE” TDOONG Forest. After arriving at their accommodations in previous episode, the girls have decided it’s time for a delicious meal of tortilla pizza, sandwiches, and salad. While the rest of the group works on preparing the main meal, Dahyun begins work on the sweetest part of any meal, fresh squeezed juice.

Dahyun (left) and Sana (right) work hard on making Twice’s meal sweeter | TWICE/YouTube

Both Sana and Dahyun end up being on team fruit with Dahyun working with the oranges and Sana with the grapefruits. At one point, Sana even compares the grapefruit slices to sliced ham like the other members were using for the sandwiches.

This looks like ham.” “Jamón!” | TWICE/YouTube

As with everything Dahyun does, she commits fully to the task which leads to her full focus on the juice at hand. After trying the drink herself, she presents her first attempt at the juice to a “bitter” reaction (literally) from her co-fruit expert Sana. They both suggest that maybe natural fruit flavor isn’t as sweet as expected and it may need some syrup.

We just have to put in some syrup.” “Oh, no syrup?” | TWICE/YouTube

On attempt number two, Dahyun returns with honey as her sweetener of choice and confidence in her step as she presents Sana with her new concoction but Sana’s reaction isn’t exactly as expected. It seems Sana’s sweetness of choice is syrup and honey isn’t exactly her thing.

I think we need syrup, not honey” | TWICE/YouTube

Not one to lose confidence, Dahyun takes her fresh juice around to her other members working on the sandwiches and gains their approval.

Good!” | TWICE/YouTube

While Dahyun may not have matched the taste of her grapefruit slicing sister, their team work and chemistry is adorable to watch and Sana’s happiness that her fellow fruit friend impressed three other members with her “Alcohol-Free” fruit juice is heartwarming to see.

They all like it.” | TWICE/YouTube

To see the rest of TWICE’s adventures in cooking so far, check out their second episode below!

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